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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reflections and Corrections

Day 9 ~ Wednesday, April 4

In a previous post called Introduction, I showed off my fancy pie chart in My Fitness Pal and talked about percentages of calories from fat, carbs & protein.  I should mention, those guidelines are more Zone Diet, than Paleo.  Most Paleos don't count calories (or carbs...etc.).  I did find one guideline that states that you should eat a gram of protein for every pound that you weigh (daily).  I also found something stating that about 75% of your daily carlories should be fat.  So... I should probably just throw away My Fitness Pal and just EAT.  Or I might go crazy trying to "eat right"!  I still have an addiction to my scale and will probably continue to use My Fitness Pal as a "food journal" so that I can see where I am making improvements...etc.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that everyone's interpretation of Paleo is different.  So here's what paleo means to me (Right now, my views/opinions are subject to change!):

  • It means eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods of a high quality, rather than processed, unnatural, low quality foods.
  • It means not drinking "crap".  In other words, no soda, sugared teas, fruit juices (other than the occasional organic stuff), and limiting my alcohol intake (special occassions only!)
  • It means knowing about and caring about where my food comes from.
  • It means trying new vegetables and fruits often!
  • It means eating so that I feel good and have optimum health.

ps... I had a teeny tiny bit of brown sugar today!  I was dying for some oatmeal... :) 

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