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Monday, April 23, 2012

Paleo Wild Game Meatloaf

Meatloaf is my hubby's favorite dish.  I think it's ok... but would like it better with an Italian flavor or something.  However, in the past, he's told me not to mess with a good thing.  "Salt & Pepper and Seasoning Salt is all it needs".  Ok, ok, but obviously now I have to make it Paleo!  So, I used a recipe called "Simple Meatloaf" found in  The Paleo Recipe Book as an inspiration recipe.  Here's what I did (sorry, no pictures this time!):

1lb of grassfed ground beef
1lb of ground venison (local deer killed by a friend of ours)
diced onion (didn't measure, sorry!)
1C. Almond Meal Flour (this seemed like a lot, I might cut it back next time)
2 eggs
1 6oz. can of organic tomato paste
2 cloves of garlic minced
Sea Salt, Pepper & Seasoning Salt

So... how did it turn out?   Well, after Hubby's first bite, he said "it tastes funny, what did you put it in it?".  But he ate two large servings of it.  I could taste the venison in it.  We have meat from 2 different deer in our freezer and one of them definately tastes gamier than the other.  But overall, it was just as "ok" as any other meatloaf we have ever made.  Although, Hubby had been experimenting not too long ago with ground turkey meatloaves and those were pretty darn tasty (cooked on the grill!).  I think I will use this recipe (or some variation of it) again.  Possibly without the venison...  The main thing I took away from it was to use Almond Meal in place of the bread crumbs and tomato paste in place of the ketchup. 

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