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Monday, May 14, 2012

Preparing for the Week Ahead

The second part of my  preparedness for this week was getting my groceries bought and my veggies all prepared for the week.  I recieved these lovely containers from a friend long ago.  I believe they are from tupperware.  They are meant for storing fresh produce, complete with little vent holes for air.  They stack nicely in the fridge.
I started with my Bell Peppers.  I had 3 different colors; green, orange & red.
I cut them 3 different ways, the ones on the left are for sauteeing, the ones in the center
are for these little breakfast gems, and the ones on the right are for snacking!

I left one bunch of carrots unpeeled and just cut the tops off for
using in my beef roast crock pot recipe later in the week.  The other
bunch, I peeled and cut for snacking.  Same with the celery.

I cut a head of broccoli and a head of cauliflower, also for snacking,
but could be used for steaming if needed.

Lastly, I made my favorite ranch dip for dipping my veggies.  Yes, I
realize this is processed and dairy and totally NOT paleo, but it
gets me to eat my raw veggies and I'm just not ready to make my
own ranch yet! 
I also bought a head of cabbage, but I forgot to photograph it.  The tupperware set includes a large round bin for lettuce...etc.  The vendor that I purchased the cabbage from at the Farmer's Market had copies of a great recipe for people to use!  The basic recipe calls for cutting the cabbage in quarters, buttering the cut sides, adding salt & pepper, wrapping it in a piece of bacon and then tin foil and baking it!  YUM!  I plan to do this on the grill this week!  So, I left 2 quarters of the cabbage for that recipe and then chopped the rest of it up for sauteeing.

I also purchased tomatoes, cucumbers and onions for this week, but those are better off being cut when ready to use, IMO.

So, far this has already worked out great, as my husband and I have been snacking on raw veggies all weekend since they are so accessable!  All the washing, chopping and slicing took less than an hour and I only had to dirty up the kitchen once!

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