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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holiday Weekend Menu Planning

We're going camping/4-wheeling this weekend. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cooking over an open fire!  I don't want to use camping as an excuse to fall completely off my eating-clean train, so of course, I'm planning our menu!  I AM planning a little bit of cheat in there, but we'll get to that later...  Here's what our menu generally looks like:

This menu is pretty general, but we'll be in the woods for 3 nights and about 2-1/2 days and I don't intend to plan exactly what we'll eat when.  We can only eat what we take with us, of course.  The Pudgie Pies (think toasted sandwich pocket) are a total cheat food.  We basically NEVER eat bread, but I plan to make these as they are a favorite camping treat and we haven't been camping in almost 3 years!  I intend not to eat more than one PP a day (if even that).  I planned to take bottled water and some lemon wedges to drink, but husband has asked if we can take some diet soda.  That would be another "cheat" for me.  I'm not sure if I want to do that.  Although, I guess I can take them for him and I can just drink water.  I've already purchased 6 different flavors of Bold Blue Diamond Almonds for snacks (instead of chips...etc).  The only downside is that another couple is coming along and I suspect they'll have a ton of junk food with them.  I just have to be sure to resist :)

I plan to create another menu for the rest of next week before we leave so that we won't get off track.  I feel SO much better knowing what we will have for dinner each night and knowing the ingredients are all ready at home waiting for me!

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