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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Goals, Ideas and Paleo Heaven

New Goal:
  • Replace some of my "red meat" meals with more fish/chicken/turkey.  I eat A LOT of beef.  I know it's not necessarily "bad" for me, but I think I could get a little leaner if I ate some leaner meats.  My plan is to alternate days on my weekly menu so that I am making a "red-meat" dinner (which also serves as lunch for the next day) on night and a "lean-meat" dinner the next.
New Idea:
  • I want to try some form of Intermittent Fasting to see if it helps me lose fat.  My thoughts are that currently my "eating window" is about 12-13 hours (6am-7pm), so I want to try to reduce it to 8-10 hours.  Since my hubby works 3rd shift, we don't eat dinner until after 7pm, so I am going to have to start eating my first meal later in the day.  I also need to get in the habit of eating more calories at night.  The idea is not reduce calories (necessarily), but just to have a longer "fasting" period to burn more fat.  This will be a work in progress.

I mentioned in a previous post that the Farmer's Market Vendor that I bought my cabbage from was handing out copies of a good recipe.  I tried it last night (slightly varied, of course) and it was very good!  My cabbage was huge, so one quarter was enough for both of us.  I put 2 pieces of bacon on quarter and instead of baking it, I put it on the grill for about a half hour before grilling our steaks.  I also sauteed some onions and bell peppers.  This is what Paleo Heaven looks like:

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