Through the Paleo diet/lifestyle and the Whole30 my family, friends and I are becoming healthier! We are getting to our healthy weights, moving more, sleeping better and have better energy. We are suffering fewer mild medical issues and are just overall feeling better every day!

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days. We cook and enjoy a lot of great food that's both tasty and healthy. I hope you'll find some recipes here that you'll enjoy!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 29

Over the weekend Husband starting referring to my homemade paleo mayo as "heaven juice".  He even planned our meals around having something to dip in it or smother in it.  He says I should never buy "regular mayo" again.  So, there ya have it!

It's hard to believe that our first Whole30 is almost over already.  We plan to stick close to plan while we are traveling next week and he wants to start another Whole30 when we return.  I plan to make some paleo treats for a friend at work that is leaving.  I'll be sure to share the recipe and experience later this week!  Prior to our Whole30 we were "mostly paleo", but now I think we are total paleo converts!

I had some fun creating our breakfasts over the weekend.  On Saturday we had Sweet Potato Hash Browns with fried eggs. 
I started by peeling & shredding 2 sweet potatoes.  Then I mixed them with
some green onion (Husband's Idea).  I fried them in coconut oil like I would 
regular hash browns an served them eggs over easy!  YUM!
On Sunday I made this recipe from Every Day Paleo.  It was pretty good.  Husband wasn't sure he liked the eggplant and I was unsure about the tomato slice, but it was a fun experiment and we will probably make it again (maybe with our own additions/subtractions to the "stack" next time).

 For our weekly cook-up we made:
I also plan to make something with a pound of ground beef that I have thawed out and a package of drumsticks.  Also, after removing the chicken and veggies from the crock pot, we put the bones back in with more veggies and water and I am making my first batch of bone broth!  Hope it works :)

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