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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whole30 Day 10

It's Day 10!  After today, I will be 1/3 of the way through it!  I have to say, our meals have been pretty exciting.  Husband says he could eat like this forever, but he wants his beer back ;)  I've been thinking about what foods I will add back in and what foods I won't (it's a little early for that, I know).  I could really live without grains in my life.  But I want my raw honey back, along with maybe a little cheese and ice cream.  I quit drinking dairy milk and eating yogurt a while ago, but just a little cheese now and then would be alright (I think).  We leave for Wisconsin 3 days after our Day 30, so I am afraid we will end up adding too much back in at once.  But, we'll cross that bridge a little later.  First, we have 20 more days to enjoy!

TWO people have asked me how much weight I've lost!  My answer is: "I don't know, I haven't been weighing myself".  I know the Whole30 is not about weight loss.  I have a formal event coming up this weekend and I was trying on dresses for it.  Just for fun,  I put my old prom dress on.  It actually FIT! So, that goes to show that my body has changed (no matter what the scale would say).  

I feel pretty energetic lately.  Still have some occasional afternoon slumps, but not at all as bad as they used to be!  

I do feel like I am not eating enough.  I am hungry, but when I sit down to eat, I just can't get through my whole plate.  I'm not sure what's up this, but I am hoping that it's just my body adjusting to reading REAL hunger signals and know how much food it REALLY needs.  I'm trying not to worry about.

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