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Monday, July 16, 2012

Holy Crap! It's Day 8 Already!

Saturday morning Husband woke up craving cappuccino.  So, I did what any great wife would do and and starting searching the Whole9 Forum for ideas.  That's when I found this!  I beat full fat coconut milk with vanilla, cinnamon & nutmeg until it was thick and creamy.  Then I put a giant glob of it on top of our coffee.  ZOMG!  Delicious!!!!!!!!!  I stored the leftover flavored cream in a container in the fridge and used it the next day (even better!)  

Saturday night we went to the movie theater to see Brave.  I took my big purse and carried in 2 bottles of water and some plain almonds (please don't call the police).  I had never eaten plain almonds before and I didn't realize that are actually sweet.  I am really proud that both of us made it past the concession stand without popcorn or Pepsi!!!!

We did have banana "ice cream" at 10:00 Saturday night as a treat.  I realize that probably wasn't a brilliant idea at 10:00pm, but at least it was W30 compliant and had plenty of fat in it to go with the sugar of the bananas!  ps.  I added a little vanilla to the "ice cream" mix.

I spent a total of about 6 hours in the kitchen on Sunday.  I cut up tons of fresh veggies and I made boiled eggs, deviled eggs, chicken in the crockpot, chicken salad, buffalo chicken, ground beef & cabbage, and an egg & sausage scramble.  Husband cooked a beef brisket on the grill and I attempted (and failed) to make homemade cocktail sauce.  I also made a new mayo recipe.  When Husband tasted it he said "now THAT'S mayo!"  
Check out these "rainbow carrots" that I got at the Farmer's Market!
Overall, week 1 went by fast and wasn't as bad as I expected.  The weekend wasn't as difficult to navigate as I thought it would be (although our eating schedules are always off on the weekends due to Husband working 3rd shift).  He said he had a ton of energy last night at work and I feel like a million bucks today!  

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