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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eating Real Food Rocks! & Whole30 Day 5- 8 Journal

"Eating real food rocks!" is part of a text I sent to my fellow Whole30ers last night while eating my version of the amazing Buffalo Chicken Salad from this Whole9 blog post.  I used a different mayo base for my ranch, left the onions off the salad and opted for fresh romaine lettuce rather than iceberg.  Also, fyi I used Franks Red Hot Sauce.  The ingredients list looked fine to me and I absolutely love the love the flavor of Franks!  I totally forgot to take a picture, but trust me, it was AH-mazing and I'll be making it again.  It was really easy to make too!  

So here's my food/mood diary for days 5-8:

Day 5 ~ Friday, July 13

Up at 6am.  Went to bed at 6:30pm last night!  Was in a lot of pain and didn't sleep real well until after 11:00, but woke feeling pretty well rested.

7:15 - 2 Eggs scrambled and fried in coconut oil, sauteed (in clarified butter) cabbage, peppermint tea
8:15 - Chai Tea
12:30 - chicken breast with mayo, Salad w/lettuce, tomato, green pepper, onion, banana peppers & ranch dressing
I tried to eat more at lunch (I only ate half of my chicken and about 2/3 of my salad), but I just couldn't!  Judging by comments on the forum and Husband's experience this week, this is pretty normal.  I'm just trying to be sure that I have a healthy balance of carbs/fat/protein.  
7:00 - Shrimp stir fried in ghee with onion & peppers, sweet potato fries (with EVOO)

Day 6 ~ Saturday, July 14
Up at 6:00.  Enjoyed the amazing homemade cappuccino from the Whole9 Forum with 2 eggs fried in coconut oil and sauteed cabbage.
11:30 - took a nap
2:30 - had another cappuccino.  I realize this is an odd schedule, but Husband works 3rd shift and I work 1st, so we tend to blend our schedules together on the weekends.
3:40 - Chili & half a banana
6:00 - Chef Salad w/ ranch dressing & HB eggs
7:00 - Almonds & Water @ movie theater
10:00 - banana ice cream

Day 7 ~ Sunday, July 15
Up at 6:00.  35 min Cross training workout at 6:30.
7:20 - Cappuccino
8:15 - Eggs fried in clarified butter, eggplant fried in coconut oil, sausage
I was in the kitchen cooking and prepping until 9:00am and then again from 10am until 1pm and again later in the evening.  I "tasted" and snacked here and there while I was cooking.
4:00 - took dogs for 20 minute walk
5:00 - Chicken and veggies from crockpot

Day 8 ~ Monday, July 16
Up at 5:00 am, feeling like a million bucks! :)

6:00am - "Cappuccino", 2 deviled egg halves, steamed carrots, grapes, citrus water
only ate about half of the food on my plate despite being very hungry when I sat down to eat
7:20 - 20 minute power walk
9:30 - Chai Tea on ice
11:00 - chicken salad
12:00 - Apple Pie Larabar
I know I should have had veggies at lunch, but I just didn't.  Lame excuse: I had no ranch dressing to dip the raw veggies that brought to work in.  Still feeling pretty good after noon, but my energy isn't as high as it was this morning.
6:00 - 2 deviled egg halves
6:45 - Buffalo Chicken Salad
Craved and thought about making the banana ice cream before bed, but thought better of it.  Sugar dragon speaking?

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