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Monday, June 25, 2012

Look at Me!

I made homemade Mayo!!!! 

I used this recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl.  I spent a lot of time reading comments on the Whole9 forum and essentially learned from everyone else's mistakes! I also watched a video about using a stick (immersion) blender to make mayo.  I'm sorry, but I don't remember where the video is on the web!  The main thing I took from the video was to pulse the blender on & off.  And even though some people of the forum said that the eggs don't have to be room temp when using a stick blender, I let everything get to room temp before I attempted to blend it.

So... the texture is spot on!  The taste is... so-so.  It's a little bitter (probably from the lemon juice).  I found another recipe on Everyday Paleo that uses some different ingredients.  I am thinking about using the cider vinegar from Everyday Paleo's recipe in place of the lemon juice in the recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl.  I also want to try the Everyday Paleo recipe as it is.  

I'm going to try using this mayo to make my creamed cucumbers recipe tonight and might even experiment with making dill or ranch dip with it!

Here's another recipe that I want to try which leads to this ranch dressing recipe, both from Paleo Table.

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