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Friday, November 16, 2012

Things that make you go hmmmm....

So Hostess is throwing in the towel and everyone on the social networking sites are making a joke about it or mourning the death of the Twinkie.  Some people are really upset about the jobs lost.  Personally, I'm happy that the little snacks are going away.  They are frankenfood.  Maybe it will be a step toward people eating more real, whole foods.  Or maybe not.  Either way, I'm not crying over it.  I do feel for the people losing their jobs, but after going through 3, yes THREE job lay-offs (where both Husband and I were laid off at the same time) in a 2-year period, I know that people will survive this.     

In other news, Larabar is owned by General Mills (another maker of frankenfoods).  General Mills gave $520,000 to defeat California's Prop 37 (Mandatory labeling of genetically modified food).  So, some people in the whole food world are boycotting Larabar now.  I'm on the fence.  I think GMOs should be labeled as such, but if the proposition was poorly written, maybe it needed to be tabled and re-thought.  Overall, I would like to see the labeling of GMOs on all foods as well as the labeling of BPAs.  We used to eat a lot of Larabars, but I haven't even been buying them lately because they were becoming a "Food With no Brakes" for us anyway.  Another company that gave money to fight Prop 37 is nestle and they own my favorite juice drink Naked.  I don't drink juice often, but when I do, it's this stuff!  It's a great little pick-me-up treat!  I will probably think twice about buying either of these items from now on.  As you can see in this infographic, there are several other big companies that you might buy from that also spent their profits to fight Prop 37.  I have been working toward spending less and less of my money at the grocery store and instead spending it at the Farmers Market or other small, local businesses.  This knowledge will just push me a little further away from the grocery store.

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  1. We have a wonderful farmers market in the spring/summer/early fall and I try to get there as often as possible but it was hard this summer as Saturday mornings is when I always did my long runs.
    I agree in voting with your dollars but that can be hard to do all the time.