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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Paleo Gurl Travels

I took a little road trip this weekend.  On my way out the door I grabbed a few things to help me stay Paleo(ish) while on vacation:

Avocado, Cahsew Cookie Larabars, Homemade Grass-Fed Beef
Jerky,Clementine, Apple, Plain Almonds
I was a little nervous about how I would eat while I was staying with my friend and her family.  You see she's an incredible cook and I always loved her cooking, but her cooking style doesn't fit with my new (it's been a year now!) way of eating.  It turned out that she was nervous about "feeding me" too.  Everything went just fine.  We met at the Tennessee aquarium in Chattanooga and had a great time seeing the sights there.

Afterward, we ended up at an O'Charleys where I had a Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon with asparagus!  I did also have a couple of pickle chips :)  The next day she made me eggs for breakfast and I shared my avocado with this handsome little man:

I snacked on my fruit & jerky for lunch and for dinner we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta where I enjoyed this:

Smokehouse Chop Salad
I also had a fruity alcoholic drink and some french fries with ranch dressing (not perfect paleo, but so worth it!).  

On my way home yesterday I stopped for eggs, hashbrowns and bacon.  I also stopped at Whole Foods in Nashville and will feature another post about that tomorrow!  The stress of driving in bad weather got to me and I ended up stopping at an Arby's on the way back.  I ate the roast beef (no bun) and a small curly fry.  Needless to say, today I feel the need to get back on track!  Been drinking plenty of water and eating "clean"!  

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