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Monday, January 7, 2013

Paleo + Zone = ????

There's an awesome 9-week Nutrition Challenge happening at our CrossFit Box right now.  I'm pretty pumped and so is the Hubs.  I attended the Zone Diet nutrition class and learned a lot about macro nutrients... blah, blah, blah.  Since Hubs and I are already Paleo (and currently Whole30), we are doing this a little backwards.  Most people go from Standard American Diet (SAD) to Zone and then (maybe) to Paleo, but we are going from Paleo/Whole30 into the Paleo Zone.

So, as we were trying to put together a "4-block" meal for Hubs last night (this was his breakfast as he works 3rd shift), we were utterly flabbergasted.  

4 blocks of protein? That's EASY (2 oz of ham and 2 eggs).  
4 blocks of fat?  Again, not difficult (full fat coconut milk in his coffee, eggs fried in fat, a small spoonful of coconut oil right out of the jar)
4 blocks of Carbs?  This is where it was difficult.  ALL of our carbs come from veggies and fruits.  So... he ate FOUR cups of steamed cauliflower and a cup of grapes. 

We both thought the 4 cups of cauliflower was insane, but after he finished eating, he said he didn't feel bloated or overfull.  My concern is the grocery bill!  Holy crap!  How am I going to keep enough veggies and fruit in the house?!  I checked with our very smart CrossFit Coach (also the instructor of the Zone class).  She said that we don't have to force that much carbs, but to be sure to get at least 7 blocks of carbs a day (for performance). 

So... our ultimate fat burning/performance enhancing strategy is going to be this:

Get as close to our zone blocks as possible.  Our meals will look like this:

HIM                                                                ME
4-5 "meals" a day                                         4-5 "meals" a day
4 blocks of protein                                        3 blocks of protein                                      
2-4 blocks of carb                                         2 blocks of carb
4+ blocks of fat                                              3+ blocks of fat

I'm thinking we'll eat 4 meals on days we don't CrossFit and 5 on the days we do.  I might do three 3-block meals a day with one or two 1-2 block snacks.  He plans to do four to five 4 block meals a day.  

If anyone has any experience going Paleo Zone, I'd love to hear it.  At first glance, it seems zone would be easier if you eat grains or eat out a lot.  But, I think we can get this...

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